Planning Uganda Safaris Amidst COVID-19 2022 / 2023

Covid-19 Gorilla trekking in Uganda

Planning Uganda Safaris Amidst COVID-19 2022 / 2023 Gorilla Trekking Safaris & Tours

Uganda re-opened Entebbe International Airport on 1st October 2020 and commercial passenger flights have been coming and departing Entebbe since and a few tourists have started coming in for their planned Uganda Safaris and Gorilla trekking tours.

The country also re-opened its land boarders for tourists and waived the previous ban on movements to and between the boarder districts.

Therefore, anyone can move to any part of Uganda now but we must not forget that the COVID-19 pandemic which had caused the closure is still at large and there are a number of set guidelines to be followed to enable us travel safely, enjoy the experiences during your Uganda safaris and remain free from the virus.

Before you come:

You are required to have negative Covid-19 PCR test results with the test done not more than 72 hours before arrival. Please ensure that you have done the test and have authentic results as it is being discovered that some people present fake results which in-turn affects their plans as entry will be denied.

When you arrive:

You are required to follow the set guidelines at the airport and other entry points including washing your hands with soap and running water, correctly wearing a face mask to cover your mouth and nose and maintaining social distance of 2 to 4 meters.

After you are cleared, your driver / guide will be waiting to pick you up and proceed straight to your hotel in Entebbe / Kampala or head out straight to the field depending on your itinerary.

COVID-19 Uganda Gorilla Trekking Guidelines – Sops:

  • When you arrive at the briefing point, you will be required to wash or sanitize your hands. Your temperature will then be taken and recorded. Those with temperatures above 37.5 degrees Celsius will be refused from taking part in the trek.
  • Briefing shall be done in small groups of 8 people after the Gorilla groups have been allocated.
  • You are required to wear N95, surgical mask or a cloth mask with a filter. Those with N95 and surgical masks are encouraged to carry 2.
  • You will have breaks to catch fresh air during the Gorilla trek and social distancing will be strictly observed.
  • As you get closer to the Gorillas, you will be required to sanitise your hands again before viewing takes place.
  • You are required to stay at least 10 meters away from the Gorillas during this period.

What we are doing:

At Gorilla Holidays Uganda, our staff and driver / guides have been fully sensitized and are familiar with the Ministry of Health guidelines which we all practice and adhere to including;

  • Consistently and correctly wearing a face mask, regularly washing or sanitizing of hands and maintaining social distance of 2 to 4 meters.
  • We provide enough surgical masks to our driver guides while heading out on a trip and that is on top of the government provided cloth mask.
  • Our safari vans are spacious to allow a window seat for each occupant and ensure proper social distancing.
  • The vehicle is washed everyday and regularly sanitized during the day while taking part in game drives and other activities.
  • We partner with the best hotels and lodging facilities that practice the Sops and guarantee safety during your stay.
  • We accept online payments in order to minimize handling of cash.

All in all, we are fully aware of the danger before us and well prepared to take you on a rewarding and memorable safari in Uganda while ensuring the safety of everyone involved.

Contact us today for your Uganda Safaris and Gorilla trekking tours amidst the Covid-19 challenges.

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