Trekking Gorillas Twice in Uganda; with limited number of mountain gorillas remaining on the globe about 500 of them; and Bwindi impenetrable national park Uganda being a home to more than a half of these amazing primates with about 14 habituated gorilla families.

These families are distributed in four various gorilla trekking sectors of this gorilla park thus Nkuringo, Rushaga, Ruhija and Rushaga gorilla trekking. Therefore Bwindi impenetrable national park being both Africa’s premium destination for gorilla trekking and Africa’s must visit destination and since most of Africa travelers are yearning for this once in a lifetime experience Gorilla trekking Uganda; double gorilla trekking safari packages have been  introduced by Gorilla holidays to increase our clients ultimate and unforgettable gorilla trekking experience.

What is double gorilla trekking about?

Trekking Gorillas twice or double gorilla trekking is where one is allowed and able to visit the gorillas and trek more than one time on his/her Uganda gorilla safari. Following the increasing interest in gorilla trekking from our clients we have taken step to recommend our double gorilla trekking Uganda packages for maximum Uganda gorilla trekking experience. Furthermore interesting about double gorilla trekking is that again one is able to visit and see gorillas of different families either from the same sector or choose to do trekking in a different sector.

Double gorilla trekking is also such rewarding to the visitors with little time; with a minimum of 4days Uganda gorilla safari, double trekking is very possible. It doesn’t matter whether from Kigali or Entebbe airport. And for those enough time can even do double trekking or more than twice depending on how they really want to have their Uganda gorilla trekking. Like how one may decide to visit at least a family from each sector or different families of the same sector.

What is required to go twice on a Gorilla trek in Uganda?

Trekking Gorillas twice in Uganda would not require much actually as you might think and worry no more about it because all you need is to have secured double gorilla trekking permits as each trek you make needs an independent gorilla permit.

Therefore if one is doing double trekking, then think about securing yourself 2 gorilla permits. Just to say the number of treks you want to do match/correspond with the number of permits you need to secure. But to remember that it’s possible to have gorilla permits of different sectors or same sector basing on how you may want to do it. With Uganda gorilla trekking permit at a cost of 600USD.