Uganda Announces a Slight Increment on the Price of Gorilla and Chimpanzee Tracking Permits!

Uganda Gorilla Permits

How much is the new Uganda Gorilla trekking permit fees?

Gorilla trekking is one of the major tourist activities that Uganda has continued tirelessly offering to her travelers from all corners of the world. And to all those that are planning to have this once in a lifetime ultimate Gorilla trekking experience in Uganda. As Gorilla Holidays, we are delighted to keep you posted and updated about all what it would take you to have a remarkable Gorilla experience.  Therefore grateful to take you through the recently released and announced new Gorilla and Chimps tracking permits prices in Uganda  and other incentivized offers that the price increment package come with.

Following the steady increase of the number visitors in Uganda national parks, gorilla permits sales have also increased from 40,714 to 43,124 with the peak season sales between July and October at over 100%; this has purposely called for more effort to continuously and sustainably conserve these endangered primate species in spite of the increasing number of Uganda travelers. Therefore all this has led to the slight increase of the gorilla permit price to 700 US$.

Gorilla trekking has increasingly become a must do activity for most of the tourists that visit Uganda and Gorillas are the main focus for many tourists that are willing to travel to Africa for such a magical Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest Impenetrable Np.

Therefore Uganda’s nominal increase in the permit price from 600 US$ to 700 US$ to be effective starting from 1st July 2020 is directed upon the betterment of all the trekking experience process right from the time of booking your Gorilla safari in Uganda to the time of winding up the experience and aiming more on sustainable conservation practices of these endangered Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi national park.

To everyone who is planning a tour in Uganda come next year 2020 from July, your advised and reminded about the new Uganda gorilla trekking permit fees 700 US$, but before than that period the available old permits still go for 600 US$. As Gorilla holidays Uganda we are delighted to continue serving you better with our well-tailored, price friendly  Uganda Gorilla safari packages  even with in the newly Gorilla trekking tariffs that have been recently  announced by the Uganda wildlife Authority Director of Tourism and Business Services, Mr. Stephen Masaba on August 6th 2019.

  1. NB. However the increment comes incentivized with the opportunity for huge reduction in professional fees for filming of gorillas from US$ 4,000 down to 30% of gorilla permit fees. Gorilla habituation experience remains unchanged at US$ 1,500 per permit.

Uganda’s gorilla trekking permit fee increment comes just after two years since we saw Rwanda doubling the fee for their gorilla trekking permit in 20017 from 750 USD to 1500 USD which has transformed Rwanda into an up market tourist destination in Africa offering upmarket gorilla trekking experience  featuring up market accommodation facilities and unmatched transport  network in Africa. And this has ably helped them address any issues about conservation of these endangered apes.

How much is the new Uganda chimpanzee tracking permit fees?

The primate capital of the world – Kibale Forest National Park Uganda’s finest home of chimpanzees  and other 13 various primate species like velvet monkey, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkey, red-tailed monkey among others has tremendously continued hosting a quiet big number of visitors because of its stunning chimpanzee trekking experience it offers.  And just like the mountain gorillas; chimpanzees are also endangered species that call for sustainable conservation of their natural habitats which are being faced with pressure from the growing population which claim their habitat for settlement.

Therefore Uganda through its Uganda wildlife Authority has revised its former chimpanzee tracking fees and made a slight increase from 150 US$ TO 200 US$ effective by July. 1st 2020. However there other changes that were put out which am attaching here as well that are such rewarding to any Uganda traveler. Some of these other changes that were announced include; a 50% reduction of nature walk fees, reduction in entrance fees to USD 50 in Mt Elgon National Park , one day free park entrance opportunity to Semuliki and Mt Elgon national parks.

Semuliki national park is situated in the western part of Uganda in the foothills of mountain Rwenzori, the only true east African lowland tropical rain forest hosting over 400 bird species and over 50 mammals. This park gives you an eye catching fascinating scenic view of the great Rwenzori Mountain which is the largest block mountain in Africa. Therefore a visit to this youngest game park in Uganda crowned a national park October 1993; if added to your Uganda safari bucket list is worth it.

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