Gorilla Trekking; what it is, what to expect and how it’s done!

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Gorilla trekking, simply put, is a journey through the jungle to see, view or watch Gorillas – doesn’t matter what you call it. Whether it is mountain or lowland Gorillas and whether it is in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo; the Gorilla trekking experience involves trekking through the jungle!

packing list for Gorilla trekking in UgandaWhat is generally agreed is that it’s an incredible experience but this is not a walk in the park so you need to be prepared for the trek. Some treks last a few minutes while others could go on all day so you should be up for it. However, there are groups that are not to be near from time to time considering the park rangers visit and monitor the Gorillas every day.

So, those with fitness challenges especially the elderly are allocated such Gorilla families with the help of your guide. Porters are also readily available to help you carry your day pack and assist you along those challenging paths so it is advisable to hire at least one for the day!

To get you up to speed with your preparation, I have put together an essential packing list for your Gorilla trekking experience.

Packing List For a Gorilla Trekking Safari / Tour

  • Walking boots or shoes (boots are better because they have better grip and support your ankles on hilly terrain)
  • Breathable waterproof jacket and trousers. Even if it doesn’t rain, the ground and vegetation are generally wet. Wearing waterproof trousers means you can kneel to get gorilla photos or slide down slippery slopes.
  • Long-sleeved shirt (to protect yourself from tree branches, the sun and insects)
  • Gaiters (or long socks) to tuck long trousers into (to correct legs from scratches and keep insects out)
  • A fleece or light wool sweater
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and sunhat
  • Gloves to grip the vegetation (gardening gloves are perfect!)
  • Camera equipment

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