Gorilla Trekking From Victoria Falls

New Uganda gorilla permit prices have been introduced

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safaris from Victoria Falls.

Are you planning and searching online for a gorilla trekking safari from Victoria Falls Zimbabwe/Zambia? This means traveling to see mountain Gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda from Victoria Falls or Vice Versa; where you may choose to go gorilla trekking in Uganda in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park or Rwanda at Volcanoes national park.

Victoria Falls is among the 7 (seven) wonders of the world as it is described and known as one of the largest curtain waterfalls in the world with a width of 1,708 m (5,604 ft.)

Victoria Falls is one of the top tourist attractions in Zimbabwe and Zambia in southern Africa. Victoria Falls can be well accessed from two great African safari countries thus Zimbabwe and Zambia since it lies on the border of these two African countries.

Therefore, Victoria Falls tours can be arranged and done based from either Zimbabwe or Zambia in terms of where to fly in, since at the falls one can access viewpoints from both sides of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

However, quite a number of travelers have kept wondering which country gives the greatest experience for Victoria falls tours between Zambia and Zimbabwe with the help of a local guide.

Where is the best place to see Victoria Falls?

Zimbabwe is relatively preferred by most travelers to Victoria Falls as it hosts about two-thirds of the waterfall, and the main falls can be well seen from the Zimbabwe side, while the Zambian side provides such great views of the remaining a third of the falls and also hosts the famous Livingstone Island, from where Dr. David Livingstone first viewed the falls and reliable for Livingston Museum tours found in Livingstone town on the Mosi-o-Tunya Road 10km away from the falls.

Exploring Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side also gives a great opportunity for a boat cruise on river Zambezi which hosts lots of wildlife animals and green plant species on the river banks.

How to get to Victoria Falls?

There are quite a number of options to choose from on how to get to Victoria Falls either through Zimbabwe or Zambia as both countries are top destinations for Victoria Falls tours. Let’s take a look at some of these options available for traveling to Victoria Falls.

Explore Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe; Zimbabwe hosts a number of airports, Harare as the main international airport of Zambia and the famous Victoria falls Airport which is the closest airport to Victoria Falls about 11 miles away from the falls compared to Harare Airport which is over 800km from Victoria Falls.

Explore Victoria Falls from Zambia; Zambia apparently is one of Africa’s top tourist destinations famous for its breathtaking Victoria Falls tours and also popular for its magical nature walking safaris as it’s regarded as one of Africa’s remaining destinations with outstanding natural nature.

Zambia also hosts a number of airports to fly into for Victoria Falls tours and some of these include; Lusaka international airport based in Lusaka city the capital of Zambia, and Livingston airport situated in Livingston town known as Zambia’s second largest city.

Livingston Airport is the closest airport to Victoria Falls from Zambia and all travelers traveling to Victoria Falls prefer flying from Livingston Airport to Lusaka Airport which is a long route transferring to Victoria Falls by road and also a bit hectic on flying.

Travelers visiting Victoria Falls from Zambia recommend flying into Livingston airport which is about 20km transferring to Victoria Falls approximately 20min drive.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking from Victoria Falls.

A number of airlines fly into Rwanda and Uganda from Zambia Lusaka, Livingstone airports, and from Zimbabwe Harare international airport and Victoria Falls Airport and this has truly enhanced the chances of travelers willing to combine Victoria Falls safari and mountain gorilla tours in Uganda or Rwanda

In this article, we will see in detail a number of options on the routes one can choose to fly into Uganda for gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park from Victoria Falls Zimbabwe or Zambia.

Connecting to Uganda from Zimbabwe Victoria Falls can be done by flying from Victoria Falls airport to Entebbe international airport Uganda and later transfer to Uganda gorillas’ parks – Bwindi and Mgahinga national park.

With an option of a flying safari from Entebbe to Bwindi national park situated in the southwest of the country approximately 9hrs drive by road and 1hr and a half hours flying.

However, as we have always observed from our past clients, many of them always opt for the shorter routes while travelling to Uganda from Victoria falls such as the option of flying into Kigali international airport Rwanda from Victoria falls where they are later picked up and transfer to Bwindi impenetrable national park on a 4x4WD crossing Katuna border between Uganda and Rwanda and the journey from Kigali to Bwindi impenetrable national park is approximately 4hrs compared to 9hrs of driving from Entebbe to Bwindi.

This option of flying into Kigali airport from Victoria Falls for Uganda gorillas is such a big deal for most travelers as it gives a chance of taking on a short Kigali city tour before crossing to Uganda.

In addition, it’s relatively cost friendly as the cost of a gorilla tracking permit in Uganda is $700 for all foreign tourists and travelers to Bwindi and Mgahinga national park and the same permit costs $1500 in Rwanda for tracking in Volcanoes national park.

Therefore, Uganda remains the ideal gorilla trekking destination for travelers and tourists from Victoria Falls intending to see gorillas at a relatively friendly cost by flying into Kigali airport.

In addition to how to get to Uganda for a gorilla safari from Victoria Falls, there’s also an option of flying from Victoria Falls airport Zimbabwe or Livingstone airport Zambia to Johannesburg international airport South Africa first where there’s is quite a number of airlines that fly into Uganda and Rwanda to Entebbe airport and Kigali international airport respectively.

This route is always active with so many operational airlines that fly to and from Johannesburg on a daily basis for example Rwanda Air, South Africa Airways, and Ethiopian Airways among others fly to and from Entebbe airport and Rwanda Air with a direct flight to Kigali airport from Johannesburg airport.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking from Victoria Falls.

This is simply an offer to those travelers and tourists looking out for a gorilla trekking safari from Victoria Falls in Zambia or Zimbabwe. Combining Victoria Falls tours with Rwanda gorilla trekking safari is absolutely the best African safari combo and this safari can basically begin with traveling to Victoria Falls first and later extending the safari journey to Rwanda as you arrive at Kigali airport and vice versa.

It doesn’t so much matter where to start the trip as long as you check and confirm availability with the airline of your choice.

On arrival at Kigali international airport from Victoria Falls, you’re welcomed by your safari guide in Rwanda and transfer to volcanoes national park situated in the northwestern side of the country approximately 3hr drive from Kigali.

Mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda is done at the volcanoes national park which is part of the Virunga Mountains that are shared by three major countries thus Uganda, Rwanda, and DR- Congo.

The above-mentioned countries are the only gorilla trekking destinations in the world as gorillas are so endangered species and can’t survive anywhere else other than their natural habitat.

Mountain gorillas are found in Volcanoes national park, Bwindi impenetrable forest, Mgahinga national parks in Uganda, and Virunga National Park in DR- Congo.

A Gorilla trekking permit is another keynote to all travelers and tourists interested in Rwanda gorilla trekking safari tour from Victoria Falls. For everyone to see gorillas in any of the gorilla destinations stated above must purchase a gorilla trekking permit issued by the government of these different states at a cost.

Let’s look at the cost of the gorilla permit in all three gorilla destinations; in Rwanda gorilla permit is 1500 USD per person per trek to foreign tourists/visitors, 700 USD in Uganda to every foreign traveler tracking the gorillas, and 450 USD in DR- Congo.

Therefore a gorilla trekking permit is so important to consider on planning a gorilla trekking safari to any of these destinations.

Gorilla permits can be purchased through a ground travel agency from these countries that will help in arranging and planning a gorilla safari. It is highly advisable to book a gorilla trekking permit quite in advance of the safari time for about 3 months ahead of the trip.

This is important as the gorilla permits normally get sold out mostly in the high seasons when tourists are so many looking for the gorilla trekking experience.

Why book a gorilla trekking safari from Victoria Falls with Gorilla holidays?

Gorilla Holidays is a reliable and reputable safari company that is locally founded and based with a passion for showcasing the beauty of our land and sharing our cultural heritage. We have firsthand ground information and local knowledge of all the areas we operate in.

Gorilla Holidays will help you plan and book your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda Rwanda and DRC from Victoria Falls, simply contact us and we help you through the booking process as well as purchasing your gorilla permit from reliable authorities.

We also offer various gorilla trekking safari packages ranging from budget safaris to mid-range and luxury safaris across all three gorilla trekking destinations. You may also feel free to check out our trip advisor where you’ll find all the testimonials from our previous satisfied happy clients. With us, you can only expect adventures with lifetime memories and moving experiences.

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