Why isn’t there gorilla habituation experience in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park?

mountain gorilla habituation experience

Gorilla habituation is a process of getting the gorillas used to human presence and interaction in their natural habitat.

The fact is that mountain gorillas are wild primates however due to much need to protect and monitor these critically endangered creatures from their natural habitat, gorilla trekking as an adventure was introduced as a strategy to promote conservation and create distinctive awareness about wildlife to the people that were a big threat to these creatures.

For gorilla groups to be available for gorilla trekking adventures, they must have gone through the habituation process guided by a team of researchers, guides, and rangers.

Therefore, a limited number of visitors/tourists are permitted to join the habituation team on a particular day to visit the semi-habituated gorillas in their natural environment as they follow them trying to monitor and understand their behaviors for example how they feed, play, and groom among others.

The habituation process can take between 2 to 4 years depending on how the gorillas respond to the process and remember visiting the gorillas to get them fully habituated is done daily.

However, in this article, we look at the question; why there is no habituation experience in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda? Which is one of the frequently asked questions by many travelers.

Habituation experience takes place only in Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda in the Rushaga sector of the park. And here are some of the reasons why there is no gorilla habituation experience in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda – Rwanda has 12 habituated gorilla family groups all available and open to the public for gorilla trekking adventures leaving the rest of the gorilla groups remain uninterrupted for research purposes.

Therefore, if you’re planning to visit Africa for a gorilla habituation experience, this must be from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Gorilla habituation in Bwindi Forest is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience because it allows spending more time with the gorillas in their natural environment lasting for a full four hours spent catching a glimpse of the gentle giants of Virunga mountains.

How to book for gorilla habituation permits?

Are you interested in gorilla habituation experience done in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and wondering how to book for gorilla habituation permits? Booking for yourself a gorilla habituation permit is simple and smooth when you contact Gorilla Holidays as your trusted gorilla safari company in Africa.

All you need to book a gorilla habituation permit is the preferred dates of travel and take on the experience. Where by confirming the preferred dates with us will take us to the next step of checking the permit availability with the Uganda Wildlife Authority in charge of all gorilla permits for Uganda gorilla trekking destinations since the number of these permits issued per day is limited to only four permits.

On confirming the availability, without waste of time, an invoice shall be issued where you will need to deposit money to purchase your permits.

The moment money is received in our bank account, we shall proceed to purchase your Gorilla Habituation Experience permit and send you the scanned copies of the to confirm your trek in Bwindi forest.

The price and cost of a gorilla habituation permit 2024/2026

A gorilla habituation permit in Uganda costs US$1500 per person for foreign nonresidents, $1000 per person for foreign residents, 750,000Ugx for East African nationals, and US$1000 for the rest of Africans outside the East African Community.

Note; only four gorilla habituation experience permits are available per day, therefore consider timely and booking to avoid any inconveniences. Contact Gorilla Holidays for Uganda gorilla habituation experience safari and gorilla trekking tours across Africa’s gorilla destinations – that is Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.

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