Gorilla Habituation Experience – Bwindi National Park

gorilla habituation experience in Uganda

What is the difference between Gorilla Habituation Experience and Gorilla trekking?

Gorilla habituation is simply a practice or an activity of training the wild gorillas to be familiar with human presence in their natural habitat before they are declared available for trekking.

It is good to know that these gorilla families, before they are set free to be fully visited by all Bwindi gorilla trekking travelers, they are first frequently visited in their natural habitats by the park officials like park Rangers, wardens, and gorilla doctors for about 2 years which enables these beautiful apes to be adaptive to human presence in their natural habitat – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Where to go for the Gorilla Habituation Experience & What to expect

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is Africa’s premium destination known for accommodating more than a half of the remaining mountain gorillas’ population on the globe. With the current gorilla habituation in Bwindi, the activity is being introduced for enhancing Bwindi mountain gorilla trekking travelers’ experience.

And this activity is such rewarding because it enables one to stay with these primates for maximum 4 hours interacting, taking photos and seeing them go through their daily routine of feeding, grooming, socializing and many others; Such an ultimate once in a lifetime experience!

Just like on gorilla trekking, also during habituation a 7m distance is kept and the etiquette of habituation being followed. But this is an ultimate experience since it gives you a chance to spend enough time with these great mountain gorillas which is different from the usual gorilla trekking, where one is allowed to spend only 1 hour with these gorillas on finding them. Habituation is currently in Rushaga sector of Bwindi forest national park and habituation is available for 4 people each day.

Therefore to highlight some of the differences between gorilla habituation and gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest Impenetrable National Park – gorilla habituation lasts for full four hours on finding the gorillas as its 1hr with gorilla trekking – habituation is for 4 people for a particular gorilla family as they 8 for gorilla trekking – gorilla habituation permit is at 1500 US dollars as its 700 US dollars for gorilla trekking. But to say habituation is more experiential and rewarding to either travelers with enough or short time on Uganda gorilla safari

What is required to go on gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi?

Gorilla habituation doesn’t need much apart from the gorilla habituation permit which is the first thing to think about for a successful habituation experience. Uganda gorilla habituation permit goes for 1500usd and it can be acquired direct from the Uganda wildlife authority but it is more recommendable to get it through your trusted and licensed tour operator like Gorilla Holidays Uganda since it would be easier for the home ground based tour operator to go through all the process. And since these permits are always on high demand it is also advisable to book your permit 5 months to time of your experience because they often sell out fast.

Is it safe to do the Gorilla habituation experience?

Gorilla habituation is a very safe experience and more rewarding because it is being conducted with the help of the park guides and the game rangers who are able to make sure you get the safest habituation experience. Though it also important and advisable to respect the rules of conduct about gorilla habituation as they are briefed to you before you set off for the habituation experience.

And it starts early in the morning with a briefing about habituation at the park headquarters and you spend 4hrs with these mountain gorillas on finding them and follow them where they go for their daily activities. Book with us for your memorable gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi.

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