Chimpanzee Habituation Experience In Uganda

Chimpanzee in Kibale Forest

Chimpanzee habituation experience is simply about spending more time with the chimpanzees in their natural habitat (full day). This is one of the best African safari adventures in Uganda done from Kibale Forest National Park.

Kibale Forest National Park is situated in the western part of Uganda renowned for its magical chimpanzee encounters during habituation and chimpanzee tracking experiences.

Kibale National Park apparently hosts about 13 habituated chimpanzee troops well free and used to human presence in their habitats and other wild semi-habituated chimps which are still undergoing the habituation process to get them available for regular chimpanzee tracking.

Therefore this has enabled quite a good number of tourists interested in being part of the chimpanzee habituation process in Kibale Forest National Park where they are able to join the team of researchers, and experienced guides that visit the wild semi-habituated chimps regularly as a way of getting them normalize with human encounters all the time.

Kibale Forest National Park allows the two popular primate safari encounters thus chimpanzee tracking and chimpanzee habituation depending on what one is interested in. but habituation allows more time 6 hours with the chimps compared to 1 hour given for regular chimpanzee tracking.

The chimpanzee habituation experience in Kibale forest national park has been reviewed as a life changing, unmatched primate safari experience by most travelers/tourists in Uganda on various platforms such as trip advisor.

What is the price of chimpanzee habituation in Uganda?

A number of various factors to consider determine the price of chimpanzee habituation safari tours in Uganda. But first things first, chimpanzee habituation permit is required to be able to visit Kibale forest for the habituation experience. This is to say as the only gate pass to the park.

Gorilla habituation permit costs $250 to all foreign nonresidents, foreign residents and as for regular chimpanzee tracking costs $200 per person per trek. Habituation allows full day tracking experience of 6 hours whereas normal tracking guarantees 1 hour experience.

However there other factors to consider that determine the price of a chimpanzee habituation experience and these may include like transport to the park, accommodation, number of days to spend on the safari, number of people you travel with for the same adventure among others.

How to book for chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda?

Booking Uganda chimpanzee habituation safari with gorilla holidays starts from when you contact us and tell us about your preferred travel dates to take on the safari. We will check and confirm the availability of the chimpanzee habituation permits and reserve your permits for the preferred dates.

After this we will request to send us your passport details plus a deposit of the money for the safari that we shall use to pay for your habituation permits and confirm it a booking for your chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda.

Booking for these primate safari tours is advised to be done quite in advance ahead of the travel time about 5 months plus as the demand for chimpanzee permits tend to be so high and sold out so fast for the busy/peak seasons of the year.

Note: Chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda is only available for 12 people per day divided into two groups of 6 members.

Booking for a chimpanzee tracking or habituation permit can be done through a reputable or trusted tour operator like Gorilla Holidays or even can done directly with Uganda wildlife authority from their website and other online platforms or from their head offices in Kamwokya Kampala Uganda.

Best time for chimpanzee habituation

About the best time to do the chimpanzee habituation in Uganda is best done in the months of mid-June to September and December to February as the drier months of the year when the forest is not muddy and easy to trek through.

However, the rainy seasons are also better in a way that the vegetation growth rate is so high and the chimps can find plenty of food without moving longer distances hence easily found and seen on a trek.

How to get to Kibale Forest National Park for chimpanzee habituation?

By Road; traveling from Kampala/Entebbe airport to Kibale National Park can be done by road driving approximately 350km and 5 hour drive on Kampala-Fortpotal-Kibale highway circuit.

By Air; scheduled private charters from domestic airline operators like Aerolink are available from Entebbe Airport/Kajansi to Kasese airstrip where you will transfer from to Kibale National Park.

However, pickup and transfer from Kasese to Kibale National Park should be well arranged with your tour operator. This takes about 2 2-hour drive connecting to Kibale National Park.

Where to stay in Kibale National Park for chimpanzee habituation tours?

A number of hotels and safari lodges are available with in Kibale National Park and the neighboring cities that offer luxury, mid-range, and budget accommodation options depending on the budget and interest of the travelers.  These include; Chimpanzee Forest guest House, Primate Lodge, Kyaninga Lodge, Chimpundu Lodge amongst others.

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