Accommodation in Kibale Forest National Park (hotels and lodges).

book accommodation in Kibale for chimpanzee tracking

Are you looking for accommodation in Kibale National Park and the nearby areas? The top safari hotels in Uganda’s Kibale Forest National Park are listed here for your safari experience. Whatever your budget, we can help you and your loved ones secure lodging for the duration of your chimpanzee trekking excursion in the Kibale Forest.

Finding somewhere to stay in Kibale Forest National Park is made very simple by using our resource information center, especially for those who want to participate in activities like the Bigodi walk, chimpanzee encounter, or crater tour.

We can help you make reservations for any type of accommodation you are looking for in Kibale, including luxury safari lodges, budget-friendly options, and mid-range establishments.

Best luxury accommodations in Kibale.

Crater Safari Lodge.

When visiting Kibale National area from Uganda, a lot of people stay at the Crater Safari Lodge, which is among the top luxurious lodging options in the area. Adjacent to the Kibale National Park headquarters, Crater Safari Lodge is an eco-lodge with a stunning vista of the Nyinabulitwa crater lake. With the most breathtaking environment, comfort, and views in the wild, Crater Safari Lodge caters to its customers.

Primate Safari Lodge.

Another opulent lodging option in Kibale National Park is Primate Safari Lodge. A hidden gem, Primate Safari Lodge has 16 rooms nestled in the verdant rainforest of Kibale National Park, making it an ideal getaway for nature lovers. Primate Safari Lodge is among the greatest lodges for those planning to undertake the chimpanzee walk because it is conveniently located just five minutes from the park headquarters.

Primate Safari Resort provides luxury chalet suites that are spacious with their own verandas that face out to the gorgeous gardens. The rooms are en-suite with large and very comfortable beds. The main area of Primate Safari Lodge has a restaurant, bar area, and a cozy fire pit plus a curio shop.

Kyaninga Lodge.

If you want to visit Kibale Forest as well as the Semliki Valley and the foothills of the northern Rwenzori Mountains, Fort Portal, a small but thriving town, is an excellent spot to stay.

The Kyaninga Lodge is not only a fantastic place to stay, but it also has a fascinating history. The Kyaninga Crater’s rim is lined with opulent cabins fashioned from enormous eucalyptus logs by self-taught carpenters, which look down into the lake’s 220-meter depth.

Ndali Lodge.

Ndali Lodge in the Rwaihamba Cluster is one of the most well-liked accommodations in the Toro Crater Lakes region. The lodge, which is family-owned and is situated on a tea estate started by the same family in the 1920s, has an unique English country house atmosphere and offers stunning views of the Rwenzori Mountains and the west.

Mid-Range accommodations within and near Kibale National Park.

The term “midrange accommodation” also refers to a semi-luxury lodging type that lets you have an ordinary holiday. Since all of the amenities have a hint of value, the mid-range lodging in Kibale National Park differs somewhere from the premium accommodations. The following are the accommodations that fall within the medium category in Kibale National Park.

Isunga Lodge.

Isunga Lodge is perched high on a ridge inside the Crater Lake Area, providing unparalleled panoramic views of the rainforest, Rwenzori Mountains, and the distant savannahs of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

When you stay here, you can quickly obtain the feeling that the place is entirely yours. The cottages are completely private and surrounded by an overgrown wild garden, making them the perfect place to spend a few days unwinding.

Chimpanzee trekking starts in Kayanchu, which is a comfortable 25-minute drive from Isunga.

Kibale Forest Camp.

Kibale Forest Camp is located about ten minutes from the chimpanzee trail’s beginning, hidden among a thicket of mature trees.

You may completely immerse yourself in the sounds of the rain forest while staying in one of their thatched African-style tents, and wildlife enthusiasts will be able to spot numerous uncommon birds and creatures. From the main porch, keen-eyed visitors might catch a glimpse of the endangered Red Colobus.

The tents have private balconies, hot water, and bathrooms with showers.

Chimpanzee forest guest house.

The Chimpanzee Forest Guest House is situated approximately 23 kilometers from Fort Portal Town along Kamwenge Road. It is perched on a higher altitude with a nice perspective of Kibale forest, close to the illustrious Isunga tea estate. In Kibale National Park, the breeze from the lowlands creates a quiet atmosphere ideal for a restful holiday.

Chimps nest.

One of the mid-range lodging options in Kibale National Park is Chimps Nest. It has a view of the Rwenzori Mountain and is situated on the edge of the Kibale Forest. The chimpanzee nest is situated in the village of Nyabubale, between the Bigodi swamp and the Nkuringo. Kanyanchu, the beginning site of chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park, is only 15 kilometers away. It features family flats and independent cottages set in a peaceful setting.

Primate Lodge Kibale.

Of course, many visitors prefer to stay in the forest rather than merely passing through it to experience the change from day to night, to be surrounded by the countless sounds of birds, insects, and animals scurrying through the underbrush, and to experience the heavy tropical raindrops.

Primate Resort is a luxurious lodge in the middle of the jungle that is only a 5-minute walk from the starting point of the chimp treks. The open dining room and sitting room look out over a forest full of butterflies when the sun is shining, while each thatched cottage looks out onto its own piece of forest.

Budget Accommodation in Kibale Forest Area.

Among the protected areas, Kibale National Park offers first-rate lodging options and services to ensure that your visit is unforgettable. The affordable accommodation in Kibale National Park provides typical services in calm places, including;

Mountains of the Moon Hotel.

The Mountains of the Moon Hotel is a more affordable and spacious alternative in town.

It is a restored hotel from the colonial era that caters to both tourist and local clients.

The Rwenzori View Guesthouse is consistently a popular alternative for those who prefer a more straightforward, backpacker-style accommodation.

Kitojo guest cottages.

The Kitojo Guest Cottages are conveniently situated within the Kibale Forest National Park, about a 30-minute drive away. The cottages offer cozy bedrooms, self-contained amenities like hot showers and wifi, and a veranda with views of the park or surrounding countryside.

Aside from chimpanzee trekking, the hotel also provides its guests with in-person opportunities to visit local homes and engage with the community, gaining insight into their customs and life styles. Additionally, the on-site restaurant offers regional and foreign food that is well served by professionals.

Rwenzori view guest house.

One of the greatest inexpensive places to stay while chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park is the Rwenzori View Guest House, which offers reasonably priced but cozy lodging with a view of the stunning moon mountains. Six self-contained rooms and three non-self-contained rooms offer lodging.

Nyinabulitwa country resort and safari camp.

One of the greatest choices for travelers on a tight budget to visit Kibale Forest National Park is Nyinalibulitwa Country facility and Safari Camp. The facility is located around 20 kilometers from the park’s border. The lodging options include a public camping and cottages without views of the terrace.

A community women’s craft center offers a place to purchase handcrafted presents to take home, and the camping grounds feature shared restrooms. The eating area offers breathtaking views of the lake and wonderful barbecued meals are offered.

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