Gorilla Tours in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo Trekking with Gorilla Holidays

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Looking for Gorilla tours in Uganda & Rwanda? – We offer great journeys to the “Gorilla kingdom”, the home of mountain Gorillas for Gorilla trekking holidays or Gorilla tracking; it does not matter what you call it, Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or Congo is a bucket list adventure and one that lasts a lifetime. Mountain Gorillas are highly endangered species; endangered due to habitat loss, diseases and poaching for different reasons and as it is estimated that only 880 gorillas do exist in the entire world. These great apes are found in the Virunga mountain ranges shared among Uganda, Rwanda and DRC (Congo) as well as Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest national park which is known to posses more than half of these – up to 480 members in 14 groups to-date.

Gorilla Holidays & Safari Tours in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

At Gorilla Holidays Uganda, it is our ultimate pleasure to welcome you to Africa and assist you to achieve your dream Gorilla safari in Uganda, Rwanda Gorilla trekking or Gorilla tours in Congo. A visit to the gentle giants in each of these places is an adventure of a lifetime and goes a long way in ensuring their survival. The money you pay for the Gorilla permit goes into their conservation and having the locals as porters and selling their produce to the Safari lodges and tourists uplifts their livelihoods and motivates them to protect the gorillas instead of poaching them. We offer 3 Day Gorilla Safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo as well as combined Gorilla tours including game parks, walking safaris, cultural tours and adventure trips.